Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to the 80's


One of my absolute favorite things from the late 70's, 80's were jumpsuits. The first time that I remember seeing a jumpsuit and realizing that I needed one in my wardrobe was during an episode of one of my all-time favorite shows: Three's Company. There was an actress who like many had a date with Jack and she had this electric turquoise jumpsuit with nude heels and I fell in love. I was much younger at the time and jumpsuits weren't really sold in stores like they are now. And now that they are practically everywhere I am trying to get my hands on as many as I can. Jumpsuits are so easy to style and very mom-friendly in my opinion. Whether you wear it on its own or with a cardigan or blazer, it has definitely become one of my wardrobe staples. This is my ode to the 80's jumpsuit. A much modern take but still such a classic piece in fashion history.

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Forever 21