Friday, August 14, 2015

Mixing Prints


I have one "go-to" thrift store, that never fails. I almost always find a buried treasure, and I buried in the most literal way possible. While the store is more organized than others, people always leave piles of clothes throughout the racks that makes it more time consuming to go through everything. So I have learned throughout my years of thrifting that patience is key. And with patience is how I found this beautiful floral silk top. I remember buying it without knowing what in the world I would pair it with. See, at that time I would just purchase clothing items without really thinking about how much use I would get out of each one or if I even had something to pair it with. (Now I do.. well, most of the time) But I am so glad that I have this in my wardrobe because it is such a simple yet versatile piece and absolutely perfect for this 100 degree weather that I'm living through in Texas.

Top: thrifted
Pants: Zara


  1. Haha I know the feeling when you just buy clothes which you like and later realise you have no clue how to pair the new apparel! You look stunning, loving the shots!

  2. and then they somehow get lost and then you just completely forget about it.. ha! it's happened waay too many times to me. thank you for your sweet comment Livia!